Thank you so much for the workshop on Monday. It has tipped my world on its head and given clarity and motivation to move forward again

Celia Leverton

Today’s been a real pivotal moment for us and I think it’s going to resolve a lot of stagnation we’ve had that’s all been around decisions – that has been our sticking point on all sorts of things – we’ve got so many opportunities that we’ve manifested and created with our energy but we don’t know how to use the decisions to make the most out of that, so this is going to be incredibly helpful for us – thanks Dan!

It’s not often I can say a guest on the show changed my life in an hour… This one did and I can’t wait to dive deeper into this topic personally and do one of his workshops. Do you make knee jerk decisions, or decisions that later don’t seem to have been very smart for your future that frustrate you? Are you a “YES, sure!” person only to find you never get YOUR stuff done? While today’s show isn’t about any aspect of life specifically, it is about learning the art of holistic decision making from Dan Palmer. It’s a must listen. Check it out here.

Dan’s enthusiasm for holistic decision making is infectious. The workshop stepped us through the theory and practise, enhanced through Dan sharing his own experiences in its use with humility and integrity. The experience across the 2 days gave me great insight into the potential for this to become an integral way to approach and in fact craft our path in life. This will most certainly be a work in progress but I’m excited to leave feeling confident and eager to apply it in life, work and share its potential with others. Thank you!

Helen Mcgregor
I had a feeling the workshop would be a complete game changer for me and oh boy, has it been. I feel like my fog of overwhelm has been lifted, and I’ve so much more head and heart space to be present in my life. I was a completely different Mum yesterday purely because I knew I was exactly where I needed to be, doing exactly what I was needing to be doing, and whenever I started to stray off course I could come back to centre because I actually knew where centre was!!! Rather than just having a vague unpleasant sense of being generally off alignment. I really feel there’s no going back for me now. Thank you a billion times over Dan. It’s such a gift to know you and be able to learn from you.
Angela Ashley Chiew

Doing Dan’s holistic decision making workshop is like having kids – no one can tell you what it is going to be like in advance, but it totally transforms your life for the better!

anonymous workshop participant

Just wanted to shoot you a massive thank you for the most amazing workshop. It’s giving me focus and clarity and it’s done wonders for my relationship. An analogy that came to mind after the first session was that it felt like looking into your heart, putting its content on paper and then with a rational mind working out how to fulfil those dreams. Feeling motivated on the verge of bursting. Love it!

Martin Johansson

Dan Palmer, was candid, encouraging and focused; helping each person get clarity on where they were at and what they could do to simultaneously achieve their goals and be more aligned with their values

Amanda Woodhams

Going through the holistic decision making process was priceless for both personal life and a future business. Using that approach changes everything and gives me a lot of confidence going forward


The holistic decision making system is probably the most useful tool I have ever been given which I have used mostly for personal/ family blossoming and could use in so many more ways.

Amandine Monsaingeon

Hello VEGgies. This is a very big ‘thank you’ for the materials you offer on your website. They have amounted to a game changer for me: even though I’ve had an HGoal for 7 years, I still wasn’t fully ‘getting it.’ Thus, I kept dropping it,  returning to it, dropping it, and so on, knowing there was something more to it than I was aware, but unable to really use it. I wish I could put my finger on exactly what I was missing in my understanding, but your mindmap, and presentations around it, simply made it all click. I’m now working with my college-aged son; a local raw milk dairy; and a business cohort on their HGoals. It feels very empowering. Lastly, I’ve read every first and second source document I can get my hands on: yours is the best I’ve found so I’m hoping you’ll turn it into a workbook of some kind. All the best to you and yours, Hayes (Missouri, USA)

Hayes Batten

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you for the time you provided for us on Tuesday. It was a really helpful experience. Further to this a very personal thanks for all of your leadership and promotion of Holistic Decision Making. I’ve found your writing on the topic to be an excellent distillation of Savory’s work. Keep it up!

Reuben Parker-Greer

I just wanted to reach out after reading your Three part blog and say that I think you’ve done an absolutely outstanding job at presenting this system as well as your adaptations of it which were crucial for me to grasp the concepts. I am so excited about this system and have started applying it in my life. It feels like what I have been trying to do unconsciously for years has just been presented to me in a simple step by step guide and for me it is an absolutely perfect fit. I just wanted to emphasise how much of a good job you have done in this peace of work with your choice of videos and articles. I had already come across holistic management and bought the book, but I never read it because somewhere I was resistant to someone telling me how to think. But the way you presented it broke down all resistance to the process and I am gladly welcoming it into my life. So thank you for your work and I wish you all the best!

Bryn Roberts-todd (France)

My wife and I have been running an edible landscaping & ecological design business – here for the past 6 years and have been following your work all the way along from design work to Permablitz network to the decision making videos. We’ve been very inspired by your work, and especially the latest round of work on Holistic Decision Anyways, one of our enabling actions is that “we acknowledge our mentors and express gratitude to those who help us grow”, so this email is to that end.

Hello gorgeous VEG team. I wanted to let you know that I have been using the incredible holistic decision making resources you put together and made available online. Thank you for making these fantastic resources available for other businesses to access. You are an amazing source of inspiration to us.

I write you first of all to congratulate for the marvellous work and the high quality of the information/inspiration you’ve been offering, Thanks! I’ve recently completed an online course with the Savory Institute, and I must say that going through your 3 exhaustive articles and related videos was fundamental do develop a more complete understanding of the subject, as well as to dispel many doubts. Thanks for the great work

Massi Miliano